Jey Kazi is a Sound Designer based in Manchester UK, currently working in the Games Industry. Jey is a game audio enthusiast whose purpose is to create soundscapes that are immersive and sound effects that compliment gameplay mechanics. He has experience with proprietary audio tools, audio middleware and game engines such as Unity and Unreal. His list of clients include Sony, Mastertronic, Digital Tribe Games, Phi Games and Eiconic Games. Prior to his jump into games, Jey worked in the entertainment industry as a member of the sound department where he completed documentaries, commercials and short films. 


  • Original sound design.
  • Audio implementation and mixing for games
  • Audio post-production for linear media.
  • Location and field sound recording.

Awards and Nominations

Sublevel Zero - Audio Design Nomination - TIGA Awards 2016

Sublevel Zero - Audio Accomplishment Nomination - Develop Awards 2016



Super Rude Bear Ressurection - TBC - PS4, Xbox One, PC - Additional Sound Design
Sublevel Zero - 2015 - PC, Mac, Linux, (VR and other Platforms TBC 2016) - Lead Sound Designer
The Magma Carta - Prototype - 2015 - Sound Designer
Final Horizon - PS4, PSVita - 2014 - Sound Designer
Final Horizon Dark Galaxy DLC - PS4, PSVita - 2014 - Sound Designer
Tinykeep - Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android- 2014 - Sound Designer



Beyond The Beatles - Serious Feather , Documentary - Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer - 2014
Beyond Oasis - Serious Feather Documentary - Sound Recordist, Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer - 2013
The Atheist - Serious Feather Short Film - Sound Recordist - 2012
Alesha Dixon Weight Watchers -  Academy Films Advert - Sound Recordist - 2011
Beyond Sigur Ros - Serious Feather Documentary - Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer - 2010
Manchester United Turkish Airlines -  Chief Productions Advert - Sound Assistant -  2010